Protecting Your Home with Hurricane Shutters


Losing one’s home and, potentially, loved ones in a storm is nothing short of a nightmare. While many may choose to relocate to a more secure location rather than ride out the storm in their home, some will remain, hoping to wait it out with few consequences. Many local governments for areas regularly affected by storms require homes to meet certain building codes that ensure the home can stand up to torrential rain, flooding, winds and some debris. Hurricane shutters are a go-to choice for homeowners to keep their home safe during a major weather event.

What Are Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are, technically, any window or door covering that can withstand storm conditions and protect the building envelope from damage. Prior to a major storm or hurricane, many homeowners may install plywood window coverings as makeshift hurricane shutters. However, due to its difficulty to securely attach to the home, plywood can easily fail. Professionally installed metal or plastic hurricane shutters provide much more durability and longevity than their plywood counterparts. Hurricane shutters are removable and can be stored for later use.

How Do They Help?

Hurricane shutters work by disrupting air pressure. Winds during major storms can be strong and destructive, potentially causing serious damage to a home if the house isn’t protected. Hurricane shutters seal off the entrances to the home and prevent wind from entering the interior. Shutters on the windows protect the glass from being shattered by air pressure or debris. Once inside, the wind and pressure can lift the roof right off the building.

Who Should Have Them?

Ideally, most individuals should keep a set of hurricane shutters in storage on their property at all times, just in case of rogue storms. However, homeowners living in coastal or plains areas that are commonly battered by hurricanes or heavy storms are most in need of hurricane shutters. Even if the homeowner evacuates the area, installing hurricane shutters before they leave can help guarantee they return to a home that’s still standing.

Installing Hurricane Shutters on Your Home

Hurricane shutters can be the difference between some shingle damage and a collapsed home during a strong storm. Make sure your home is prepared with Alufab USA Inc.’s hurricane shutters. To learn more about staying safe during storms, contact us online or call (239) 226-4872.