How to Keep Your Pets Safe During an Emergency


Most owners consider pets to be a part of their family. That means that during an emergency you should do everything you can to keep your animals safe. Never assume that your pet will be okay during an emergency; always bring them with you when evacuating if possible. Follow these tips to keep your animals safe during an emergency.

Prepare a Plan

Most pets stay home alone during the day while their “parents” are at work. In case a disaster was to strike, you should make sure someone knows that you have a pet at home. This would ideally be a neighbor who is retired or works from home – or a friend or relative who lives nearby. Give them a spare key just in case, and you can put a rescue alert sticker on your front door which will alert police officers or firefighters that you have a pet inside your home.

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Pack an Emergency Kit

In addition to the emergency items you’ll want to have ready for your human family members, you should also have an emergency kit ready for your pet. Items in this kit can include:


  • Pet Food
  • Water
  • Medications
  • Collar and Leash
  • Medical Records
  • Extra Blankets


ID is Important

Many pets are being microchipped, but if yours is not, be sure they have updated tags on their collars in case you are separated. Include the pet’s name, your name, and telephone number on the tags and carry a recent photograph of your pet with you in case they get lost.

Know Where to Go

Depending on the type of emergency or disaster, you may need to get out of town with your pet. Sometimes you won’t need to go very far, so research some safe havens for your pet ahead of time. These can be anything from a friend or family member’s home to a veterinarian, kennel, or hotel that allow pets.

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