What NOT to Do When Protecting Your Home from a Storm

Do NOT use tarps or plywood to protect windows in place of storm shutters or permanent protection solutions.

Using plywood should only be a last resort. This type of wood cracks easily under pressure, is difficult to install correctly, and is unsightly. Plywood can end up costing you more than more advanced wind mitigation solutions.

DON’T tape windows during storms.

Taping your windows can give you a false sense of security. This worst practice can actually increase the danger because homeowners might believe they are safe when they are really not. Taping your windows can create larger, and more deadly, shards of glass that can blow through your home.

Do NOT brace yourself against a door during a storm to keep it from breaking.

Strong winds are a threat to your doors and windows, and standing behind them also puts you in harm’s way. Get away from your doors and windows quickly and protect yourself as much as you can.

DON’T crack open your windows to stabilize pressure.

Opening your windows even a crack can let violent winds inside, which means that wind needs to find a way out. Pressure from hurricanes won’t get close to your home until the windows have already been broken.

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