How Hurricane Irma Ranks Among the Worst Hurricane in Florida’s History

With all the recent devastation from Hurricane Irma, you may be wondering where it ranks in terms of the worst hurricanes in the history of Florida and the United States. While it does take a while to correctly determine the amount of damage caused by more recent hurricanes, early reports have it as one of the worst hurricanes in the history of Florida.

hurricane irma ranks as worst in florida history


There are many ways hurricane devastation can be measured which can include:

  • Number of lives claimed
  • Amount of damage caused in $
  • Barometric pressure at landfall
  • Landfall intensity
  • Hurricane category

Early estimates have Hurricane Irma causing between $150 and $200 billion worth of damage between Florida and Texas, which is comparable to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005. By comparison, Hurricane Andrew caused $26 billion worth of damage and Hurricane Charley was responsible for $15 billion of damage.

In terms of landfall pressure, the most intense hurricane in the history of Florida was the Labor Day hurricane at 892 mbar, followed by Hurricane Camille of 1969 at 900 mbar and Hurricane Andrew of 1992 at 920 mbar. Hurricane Irma of 2017 is #7 on the list at 929 mbar, tied with the “Okeechobee” hurricane of 1928.

Luckily there were not as many lives lost to Hurricane Irma than there were to other historical hurricanes, likely due to better reporting and preparedness. No matter how you measure it, it’s pretty clear that Irma was one of the worst hurricanes in Florida’s history.

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