How to Stay Safe During a Storm Surge

Hurricanes can be devastating, but they are more powerful at different stages, and often cause the most destruction during their storm surges. During Hurricane Katrina, the storm surge was responsible for calming at least 1,500 lives. Storm surge occurs when a storm generates an abnormal rise in the water level which is over the tides. This can lead to extreme floods in coastal areas and result in tides of up to 20 feet or more.

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How to Save Your Perishable Foods During a Power Outage

During a hurricane or other powerful storm, there’s a good chance of experiencing a power outage. That can cause all sorts of problems, but one you might not think about at first is all that perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer. Bacteria will begin to grow in perishable foods, wasting the food and the money that you paid for it.

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How to Create a Hurricane Safety Checklist

With all the devastation from the recent hurricanes, it’s more clear than ever that being prepared for such powerful storms is critically important. Creating a hurricane safety checklist and making sure you have all the items listed on it can keep you and your family safe during the next hurricane.

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How Can Hurricane Resistant Doors and Windows Protect My Home During a Hurricane?

With all of the recent devastation from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your home from future hurricanes. Your home’s windows and doors are very susceptible to wind damage. Water can also enter your home through these access points and in almost no time your entire home can be flooded.

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How to Volunteer After a Hurricane

After the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused in Houston, Texas and now Irma in Florida, Americans came together to donate millions of dollars towards the relief efforts. While donating money is very helpful, some people prefer to volunteer their time to help those in need.

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Five Home Remedies to Prevent Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are nasty creatures who give the unpopular gift of annoyingly itchy bites. They are most common during the summer, but in warm weather climates with lots of water, they can be bothersome year round. The following five home remedies can help you prevent mosquitoes from being such a nuisance.

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What Should You Pack in an Emergency Kit?

Being well prepared can make all the difference in an emergency situation. A basic emergency kit could help keep you alive in an extreme situation, so having one could be of critical importance. You can probably guess that an emergency kit should include food and water, but the following infographic will provide you with a few other must-haves. Alufab USA can help you prepare your home to better withstand a hurricane, contact us today to learn more.

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What is The Best Type of Storm Protection for Your Windows?

Protecting your home from storms is crucial if you live in the Fort Myers area. Windows are the most susceptible part of your home, so choosing the best product to protect them is vitally important. Learn more about these four popular window protection options and which one may be right for your home.

Accordion Shutters

  • Preferred hurricane protection choice for Florida home and business owners
  • Permanently mounted beside windows and doors
  • Can easily be put in place by one person
  • Can be locked with a key for security and theft protection
  • Will not rust or corrode under intense heat and humidity

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What NOT to Do When Protecting Your Home from a Storm

Do NOT use tarps or plywood to protect windows in place of storm shutters or permanent protection solutions.

Using plywood should only be a last resort. This type of wood cracks easily under pressure, is difficult to install correctly, and is unsightly. Plywood can end up costing you more than more advanced wind mitigation solutions.

DON’T tape windows during storms.

Taping your windows can give you a false sense of security. This worst practice can actually increase the danger because homeowners might believe they are safe when they are really not. Taping your windows can create larger, and more deadly, shards of glass that can blow through your home.

Do NOT brace yourself against a door during a storm to keep it from breaking.

Strong winds are a threat to your doors and windows, and standing behind them also puts you in harm’s way. Get away from your doors and windows quickly and protect yourself as much as you can.

DON’T crack open your windows to stabilize pressure.

Opening your windows even a crack can let violent winds inside, which means that wind needs to find a way out. Pressure from hurricanes won’t get close to your home until the windows have already been broken.

DON’T forget to contact Alufab USA for all your hurricane protection needs in Fort Myers.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During an Emergency


Most owners consider pets to be a part of their family. That means that during an emergency you should do everything you can to keep your animals safe. Never assume that your pet will be okay during an emergency; always bring them with you when evacuating if possible. Follow these tips to keep your animals safe during an emergency.

Prepare a Plan

Most pets stay home alone during the day while their “parents” are at work. In case a disaster was to strike, you should make sure someone knows that you have a pet at home. This would ideally be a neighbor who is retired or works from home – or a friend or relative who lives nearby. Give them a spare key just in case, and you can put a rescue alert sticker on your front door which will alert police officers or firefighters that you have a pet inside your home.

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