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T550 Power Supply is designed to provide 3.5 amps maximum (peak)
back-up 115 VAC power for operating motorized security rolling shutters, doors, and
awnings in the event of a power outage. The self contained, battery powered, portable
unit is housed in an attractive hard plastic case. It contains an integral charger to
assure that the internal battery is always ready for a power outage situation. A built in
light guides the user through the darkness to the shutter switch. A UL Listed AC
Power Adaptor is included for charging the T550 Power Supply along with a model
UPC 6 Shutter Cord for connecting the power supply to the shutter switch.
• Powerful, compact unit
• Built-in 8 watt lamp to help in lights-out situations
• Self contained single phase power source to open and close 115 VAC, 60Hz,
rolling shutters, doors or awnings during power failure
• Built-in, long life, sealed lead-acid battery
• Self contained battery charger
• Automatic battery undervoltage shutdown — saves battery from damage
• When charging the unit with the control switch in either “ON” position, unit
automatically shuts down inverter and lamp, with memory, to prevent inverter
or lamp from discharging battery when power fails again, This makes the
TORA Power Supply available at the time you need it even if the switch was
erroneously set
• Current limited charging, taper charge and “float” maintenance of charge state
• Dual mode charging indicator, red while charging – green while being
maintanined in full-charge finish (float) condition


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