Storm Preparation

hurricane prep blog graphicWhen it starts looking like a storm might be pointed in our direction, decisions need to be made. First, are you fully prepared to stay and ‘hunker down’ or is evacuating a better plan for you? Either way, there are specific lists of items you’ll need and preparations to be made. We have added a number of resources to our website. Please feel free to click on the links, print what you need and continue to become better prepared for the inevitable storm! If you wait too long, decisions will be make for you and not by you!

When developing your preparedness plan, remember to consider the individual needs of every person (and pet!) under your care. Think about how you would sustain their lives with no electricity, outside resources or assistance for 3-5 days. If you are completely prepared to protect, feed, clothe and medicate all of those in your care, then you are much closer to a ‘state of readinesses!