Hurricane Protection From Wind & Water

Hurricane winds and protection

The old adage in hurricane preparation is “Hide from wind, run from water”. The folks around New Orleans can probably attest to that thinking. You can certainly protect your home from hurricane-force winds, but there’s nothing to do about rising water except LEAVE! One of the resources you should be familiar with is your local Emergency Management Office and the information they have gathered for your understanding and use. Here in Southwest Florida, one key number to know is the elevation of your home. That number will help you know whether you should be hiding from the wind or running from the water. If your home elevation is at ten feet and the weather forecasters are calling for a fifteen foot storm surge, you could easily have five feet of water headed your direction!

In Lee County, visit and click “Know Your Zone” to find the details of your neighborhood. This website will give you information about evacuation routes, elevation charts and the likely risks for your zone, based on hurricane category and storm surge. Remember, Hide from Wind & Run from Water! If you need help blocking the wind, give us a call.