This Winter, Add Storm Protection Before the Hurricane Season Returns

If you experienced the latest hurricane season in Southwest Florida, you know how serious it can be. By our very nature, people are great at procrastinating. That applies to all areas of life, even when it comes to preparing your home for dangerous hurricanes. Don’t put your life or the lives of your family members in danger by waiting, start protecting your home for next hurricane season this winter.

If storm shutters can help protect your home from a hurricane, imagine how effective they can be for other storms as well. While Florida has some great winters compared to other parts of the country, we still experience a significant amount of cold and wet weather.

There are plenty of ways to prepare your home for winter storms including weather-stripping, cutting back trees and branches, and wrapping your pipes so they don’t freeze. Storm shutters can actually protect your home during the winter as well as during hurricane season by doing the following:

  • Reducing heat loss – Storm shutters protect against the elements and provide another layer of protection against heat from escaping your home. They will help keep heat trapped in your home for a longer period of time in case of a power outage.
  • Protecting against impact – Storm shutters provide a layer of protection against high winds or falling trees or branches covered in snow. There’s not much worse than coming home to discover a branch has broken through your window.
  • Saving you money – Your insurance company might give you a better rate if you have storm shutters installed on your home. They also can potentially save you money with regards to repairing broken windows or even deterring thieves from trying to break into your home.

Alufab USA offers all the best in storm shutters including:

  • Accordions
  • Roll-Ups
  • Impact Windows and Doors
  • Storm Panels
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Colonial Shutters

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