How to Winterize and Prepare Your Summer Home Before Arriving in Florida

At first, it might sound a bit contradictory to winterize your summer home, but it’s certainly worth it. If you live in another state during the summer but call Florida your home for the winter, you’ll want to protect your vacant home while you’re gone.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with a vacant home including water damage, theft, or heating and electrical system malfunctions. Take the following steps to prepare your home for your absence.

Protecting Your Home from Thieves

  • Make it appear as if you are home by having your mail forwarded, stopping newspaper delivery, asking a friend or neighbor to collect flyers or items at your door, having someone remove snow after a storm, and using motion sensing lights outside.
  • Be sure your alarm systems are in working order.
  • Use deadbolt locks, security hinges, and sturdy door frames as well as slide locks on sliding glass doors.
  • Use a safety deposit box or offsite storage location for valuables you aren’t bringing with you.
  • Do not make your vacation or travel plans known on social media because ne’er-do-wells can use that information against you.

Plumbing and Utilities

  • You don’t want your pipes to freeze and burst or leak because it could cause significant damages.
  • Consider having your water turned off completely, but don’t turn off the water to a fire sprinkler system.
  • Drain your pipes of all water and use non-toxic antifreeze in toilet tanks and bowls.
  • If you don’t turn off the water, keep your furnace running so pipes don’t freeze.
  • Set your home’s temperature to 55°F or warmer.
  • Turn off water to washing machines and dishwashers so you don’t have any leaks or broken hoses.

Once you leave your Florida home for the summer, you’ll want to ensure it’s also protected by having the latest in hurricane protection products installed. Contact Alufab USA today at 239-226-4872.