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Hurricane Storm Protection, Fort Myers, FL

What the New Tax Laws Mean for Homeowners

You’ve likely heard about the new tax laws that were signed into law by President Donald Trump at the end of 2017. He has promised that many Americans will take home more of their paychecks, but what do these new laws mean for homeowners?

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How to Spot Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Thousands of flood-damaged cars turn up for sale after hurricanes, so knowing how to spot them can be the difference in getting a quality used car or a lemon. Hurricane Harvey caused damage to around half a million vehicles in Texas. Most of those had to be either totaled or scrapped, with water up to their windows or worse yet vehicles being completely engulfed by flood waters.

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How Much do Energy-efficient Windows Save?

You’ve likely heard something about energy-efficient appliances and other household items being able to save you money, but is this really true and how much can you actually save? Your home uses electricity in a lot of ways, so cutting down in certain areas can really lower your utility bills each month. The question is, “Where?”

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How to Deal with Water Damage from Mold

Dealing with mold from water damage is never fun. You may have just returned home from a devastating hurricane. Just when it looks like everything is pretty much fine, you smell something awful. Mold is devastating for both your house and your family’s health, so you want to take prompt action to prevent it from escalating any further.

Alufab USA is here to keep your home safe during hurricane season. We offer an array of hurricane shutters to help prevent debris from breaking your windows. We want you to have peace of mind during hurricane season so that you do not have to worry about a thing while you are away. However, there is only so much we can do, and shutters will not help prevent water damage mold.

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This Winter, Add Storm Protection Before the Hurricane Season Returns

If you experienced the latest hurricane season in Southwest Florida, you know how serious it can be. By our very nature, people are great at procrastinating. That applies to all areas of life, even when it comes to preparing your home for dangerous hurricanes. Don’t put your life or the lives of your family members in danger by waiting, start protecting your home for next hurricane season this winter.

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How to Winterize and Prepare Your Summer Home Before Arriving in Florida

At first, it might sound a bit contradictory to winterize your summer home, but it’s certainly worth it. If you live in another state during the summer but call Florida your home for the winter, you’ll want to protect your vacant home while you’re gone.

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How Does A Hurricane Form? – Infographic

How Does A Hurricane Form?

Hurricanes Are the Most Violent Type of Storm

Hurricanes are the most violent type of storms that can occur on the shores of Fort Myers, FL and all around the world. They are most centralized in the warm waters of the equator in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Here are all the steps needed for these ferocious naturally occurring storms to blow through your neighborhood.

Wind Travels Over the Surface of the Ocean

First, winds travel over the surface of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean and the water evaporates in water vapor. As it rises, the water vapor will cool and condense itself into large water droplets. From these water droplets great cumulonimbus clouds are formed and heat is released into the air. This warm air rises and is naturally pulled into a column shape that continues to reach upwards.

A Cluster Of Thunderstorm Clouds

The wind then begins to circulate around the center of itself as it encounters more and more clouds until it becomes a cluster of thunderstorm clouds. After that, the system of thunderstorm clouds continues to grow by feeding off of the oceans heat and evaporating water. The clouds get so high in the air and further away from the warm water that they then begin to cool down.

Creating The “Eye” Of The Storm

Finally, the system begins to spin out of control, faster and faster until an opening forms in the center, thus, creating the “eye” of the storm. Once the winds reach a speed of 74 MPH it can be considered a hurricane. The wind speed and storm surge produced will determine its category rating and will help decide how dangerous it will be once it hits land. Category 5s are the worst with winds that reach up to 157 MPH and have a storm surge of 19+ feet. This is a catastrophic storm for those in its path.

What Hurricane Categories Actually Mean

With so many devastating hurricanes this season, the news loves reporting what category the storms are, for example, Category 4. The problem is that the average Florida resident may not know exactly what these categories mean or how they are determined.

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Irma: The Worst Hurricane in Florida History

With all the recent devastation from Hurricane Irma, you may be wondering where it ranks in terms of the worst hurricanes in the history of Florida and the United States. While it does take a while to correctly determine the amount of damage caused by more recent hurricanes, early reports have it as one of the worst hurricanes in the history of Florida.

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Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When people visit your home or walk by it on the street, they see a reflection of your personality and your family. This is why even when you have found your “forever home,” you feel tempted to invest thousands of dollars into making it turn heads for all the right reasons. If you hope to attract potential home buyers and increase the property’s real and perceived value, then curb appeal is even more important.

Still, investing thousands of dollars is a daunting task and a crushing blow to your bank account. The good news is that many affordable and easy-to-implement alternatives can give your home a facelift. If you’ve been wondering how to add curb appeal, use these tips to get you started.

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