Impact Resistant & Hurricane Proof Window & Doors

No one wants to go through a hurricane, and at Alufab USA we genuinely hope you never do. However, it still pays to be prepared. Just like home insurance is designed to help you prepare for worst-case scenarios, investing in high-impact hurricane-windows can protect you if the unexpected happens.

Impact Resistant & Hurricane Proof Windows & Doors in Fort Myers FL

Our resistant windows are the best choice for safeguarding homes and commercial properties in the event of a hurricane. Our friendly and experienced team also takes care of the professional installation from start to finish.

How High-Impact Hurricane-Proof Windows Maximize Protection

How do impact windows work? Instead of a single pane of glass, these high-performance windows use at least three total layers to increase durability. Generally speaking, a layer of flexible-yet-strong PVB, EVA, or PET is placed between two thick panes of glass. This adds significantly to window strength. In some windows with even more impact-resistance, we utilize a combination of multiple layers of PET, PVB and liquid glass resins. When paired with our advanced window frames, the results are amazing.

When flying debris or intense winds hit normal glass, it breaks easily. Impact windows are different. The extra layers in between the panes allow this high-tech glass to stand up to increased wind speeds without problems. In fact, to carry our hurricane-proof designation, glass has to be able to face 200 mph winds, which is the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. Our finished windows are so strong that they can survive a two-by-four thrown at 50 feet per second. While some believe that impact windows need to be replaced every year, the truth is that as long as the glass is intact and undamaged, they can be used storm season after storm season to protect your home.

The Advantages of High-Impact Hurricane-Proof Windows

What are the benefits of hurricane windows? One of the biggest advantages is the way they keep the most important things in your life safe. Our high-strength windows act as a solid barrier against harsh climate conditions. Here are five key areas where investing in the best impact windows can maximize your defenses:

Protection from water damage and mold

One of the biggest dangers to your home or business from a hurricane is the intense rainfall that accompanies it. Impact windows are designed to keep rain, water and moisture outside your home by staying strong in the harshest weather. This can keep your walls, flooring, furniture and electronics safe from water damage. It can even help prevent mold formation. Our expert team takes the time to install high-performance weather stripping around the edges of windows for increased moisture resistance.

Protection against shattering

When faced with flying objects and high winds, normal windows can shatter under pressure. This is extremely dangerous because all these tiny glass shards are very sharp. Having high-impact windows installed prevents this from happening. The same special layers that give impact windows their increased strength also keep the damaged glass in one piece. If a rock breaks your window, the glass can crack, but it doesn’t shatter or send out flying shards.

Protection from air pressure changes

It may surprise you to know that the biggest damage from hurricanes often happens due to extreme air pressure. The sudden changes in pressure that come with a hurricane can destroy walls or tear roofs off. Fortunately, impact-proof windows are equipped to handle intense winds and prevent these catastrophic pressure issues.

Protection for the people you love

Above all, impact windows keep your loved ones safe. They can keep your home secure, making sure everyone inside is protected. Shatter-resistant windows are essential for avoiding injuries in the event of a storm. As an added benefit, our state-of-the-art windows also provide protection from UV rays, boost energy efficiency, and block outside noise.

Protection against theft

While it’s a good idea to invest in dedicated home security, hurricane windows can be an excellent first line of defense against theft. With this strong glass shielding your home, it’s much harder for someone to break in. Also, windows don’t shatter, so they slow down criminals and give you time to call the police.

In addition to these important advantages, you may also be able to save money on your homeowner’s insurance by installing hurricane-proof windows. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much you can save by taking this incredible home-protection step. The best hurricane protection may cost more than traditional glass, but it’s a smart investment with huge benefits, especially in Florida.

Hurricane And Storm Door Specialists In Fort Myers

Considered the ‘premiere’ hurricane protection product, impact-resistant windows and doors are the most convenient and aesthetically-pleasing product for your home. Installing Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors in your home will give you ‘always ready’ hurricane protection, superior intruder prevention, and maximum energy-efficiency. By simply closing and locking your windows & doors, you have secured your home, your family members and your possessions against the perils of hurricane-force winds.

The exterior aesthetics of your home are not affected by upgrading your home to such a level of protection and using optional energy-saving window applications will serve to reduce your electrical bill and outside noise all year long!

  • Available in multiple colors to match your home’s aesthetic
  •  Available in both aluminum and vinyl
  • Energy Star rating on a vinyl product
  • Made in the USA
  • Local customer service

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Why Choose Alufab

At Alufab USA, we care about giving our customers the best hurricane protection possible. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your goals, home layout and budget. Our experts can answer all of your questions and make helpful recommendations. The first step is helping you choose between the ideal layer thicknesses and frame types to balance glass strength, window aesthetics, home maintenance, and cost.

It’s no surprise that we enjoy excellent ratings and customer reviews from sites such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. We’re proud of our reputation, and we keep working hard to provide the best hurricane protection possible. To learn more about our impact proof windows and installation services, contact us right away or call to schedule an appointment (239) 226-4872.