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Impact Window FAQ’s

impact window faqs

What is a hurricane impact window?

When you live along the coast, it is key to have hurricane impact windows for your home. What exactly is a hurricane impact window? It is a window that is significantly stronger than a standard window and has built-in strength to not only withstand flying debris such as signs, branches, and other potential airborne dangers during a storm, but also to withstand powerful hurricane winds.

What are the benefits of impact windows?

Unfortunately, hurricanes are just a reality you have to live with when having a home along the coast. So why not be prepared for it? Once you get your hurricane-resistant windows installed, you will not only have your windows and home protected significantly more, but you will also be able to have the peace of mind knowing that if worse comes to worse, you will have the protection on your home that you need. No more worrying about windows breaking and having interior damage to your home because of flying debris. No more nervousness about the oncoming storm, hoping that it can just pass instead. Now you can be confident with a storm approaching. Our impact-resistant windows will stand strong during hurricane season.

What other benefits do impact resistant windows provide?

Having these windows installed is not just for those that want to be protected from storms. Some of you may not feel they are worth it because these storms can be unpredictable. “Why spend money on something that you don’t need year-round?” you may ask. Not only do these windows keep your home safe in a hurricane, they also can provide you with increased protection against those that may want to break into your home. The significantly increased strength on our windows will deter any burglar who has the intention of going through your windows.

Not only this, but impact-resistant windows can also provide an increase in noise reduction. Do you live next to a busy road? Maybe the neighbor has a noisy dog that never stops barking? Is it hard to get to sleep because of this? It must be impossible to get ready for an early morning at work when dealing with outside noise pollution. With our windows, you can sleep more soundly at night and be able to provide yourself with a more relaxing and quiet home environment.

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Why our windows are for you

Stop by our showroom today and see why these windows are perfect for anyone living in Fort Myers. If you want your home to remain safe during some of nature’s harshest storms, you have to go with Alufab USA every time. Our windows will remain strong against debris and provide you with the peace of mind you need when hurricane season approaches. Our windows will also provide you with extra security against thieves and with noise resistance year-round, so you can sleep more soundly at night.

Give us a call today or stop by our showroom for further info on what makes Alufab USA your go-to when it comes to providing safety and security for your home.

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