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Retractable Bug Screen

Motorized Retractable Sun Screens in Southwest Florida

With beautiful weather all year long, we Floridians love to be outdoors as much as possible. But the sun’s harmful rays and annoying and dangerous insects can prevent us from enjoying our climate. Alufab USA’s proprietary motorized retractable screens make living outside more comfortable.

Expanded Living Space

Many Florida homes boast large patios, balconies, and windows to take advantage of breathtaking waterfront views or just to offer homeowners a chance to breathe in fresh air. But pests, heat, and UV rays often discourage the full use of these architectural features.

Alufab USA’s Bug Screen is the perfect solution to these problems. Our retractable screens keep mosquitos, bees, and wasps, as well as pesky flies and other insects, away from your family, your guests, and your food while still allowing breezes and light to pass through.

In addition to stopping bugs from entering your living space, our screens also block UV rays, which can lead to sunburns, premature aging of the skin, and skin cancer. The percentage of blockage varies depending on the style of the screen you choose, but our screens block between 40% and 90% of UV rays.

You can also save money on your electric bill with our bug screens. Approximately 50% of solar heat comes into a home through window glass. If your windows aren’t properly insulated or covered, you could be paying way too much to keep your home cool. Bug screens help prevent that heat from entering your home, which means your air-conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Don’t worry about blocking your view or making your home too dark. Our screens still enable you to see out and light to shine in.

Quality Construction

All our bug screens are motorized and can be controlled with a wall switch or a remote, so anyone in your family can easily adjust the screens.

The housing and track are 100% extruded aluminum and are available in ivory, beige, white, and bronze. Our two-piece side track enables you to hide the mounting screws for a cleaner, more attractive appearance. Plastic entry guides provide for clean entry of the zipper into the side rails, assuring smooth operation for the lifetime of the assembly. The guides allow for the bottom bar to retract almost entirely into the hood, so the screen will hardly be visible when it is not in use.

Choose from three different screens in multiple colors for the best fit for your home’s design. We offer the TuffScreen in white or black. This screen also blocks up to 40% of UV rays. The SunTex 80 and SunTex 90 both come in six colors: black, brown, beige, stucco, grey, and dark bronze. The SunTex 80 blocks up to 70% of UV rays, and the SunTex 90 delivers up to 90% blockage.

We stand behind our screens’ durability and quality construction. That’s why we offer a five-year warranty on all aluminum, motors, and labor costs.

Learn more about our motorized retractable screens by calling (239) 226-4872.

Clear Hurricane Shutters In Fort Myers

When a hurricane approaches, many people in Southwest Florida head to their local hardware store to wait in line and begin their yearly opportunity to board up the windows of their home or business. Boarding windows can be a time and muscle-intensive project that leaves your home in the dark in the days preceding and following a hurricane’s landfall.

Alufab USA Protects Fort Myers

Instead of dealing with long lines and cumbersome plywood, you should seek out lightweight hurricane panels from Alufab USA. With years of experience and thousands of homes protected by our innovative and top of the line products, we know what it takes to keep Fort Myers’s families, homes, and businesses safe during hurricane season.

How Do Clear Hurricane Shutters Protect You

Our clear hurricane shutters are installed easily, protect your home, business, or family, and can be kept up throughout the year. By protecting your windows, they keep flying debris and fierce winds from shattering glass and entering your home.

With its high quality, clear construction materials, you’ll still receive ambient light, so there’s no need for strenuous installation and removal projects as the hurricane approaches and then leaves the area.

Alufab USA’s clear hurricane panels can be custom-built for windows of all types, including arched windows or curved glass. They are mounted either vertically or horizontally, allowing for them to be installed almost anywhere that needs protection. This high level of customization also means your shutters will have an aesthetic appeal that doesn’t come with steel shutters or slats.

Reliability and Professionalism

When you’re looking at products to protect your family, home, or business, you want to work with a company that’s reliable, dependable, and professional. Alufab USA meets all three criteria, and our customer-focused approach to sales and service means we’re always putting your protection first. Our knowledgeable and friendly team knows what it takes to protect what’s important to you from the onslaught of hurricane winds and rain.

We sell a wide range of top-notch hurricane panels, all of which are designed to be the ultimate in hurricane protection. Whether it’s panels, shutters, screens, or impact-resistant doors, we offer the best in hurricane protection for Fort Myers and Southwest Florida.

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to take the necessary steps to protect your family, home, or business, contact Alufab USA today by calling 239-226-4872. If you’d like us to reach out to you, please fill out the online form. Our customer-focused team stands ready to answer questions and conduct a free home evaluation.

Impact Resistant & Hurricane Proof Window & Doors

No one wants to go through a hurricane, and at Alufab USA we genuinely hope you never do. However, it still pays to be prepared. Just like home insurance is designed to help you prepare for worst-case scenarios, investing in high-impact hurricane-windows can protect you if the unexpected happens.

Our resistant windows are the best choice for safeguarding homes and commercial properties in the event of a hurricane. Our friendly and experienced team also takes care of the professional installation from start to finish.


How High-Impact Hurricane-Proof Windows Maximize Protection

How do impact windows work? Instead of a single pane of glass, these high-performance windows use at least three total layers to increase durability. Generally speaking, a layer of flexible-yet-strong PVB, EVA, or PET is placed between two thick panes of glass. This adds significantly to window strength. In some windows with even more impact-resistance, we utilize a combination of multiple layers of PET, PVB and liquid glass resins. When paired with our advanced window frames, the results are amazing.

When flying debris or intense winds hit normal glass, it breaks easily. Impact windows are different. The extra layers in between the panes allow this high-tech glass to stand up to increased wind speeds without problems. In fact, to carry our hurricane-proof designation, glass has to be able to face 200 mph winds, which is the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. Our finished windows are so strong that they can survive a two-by-four thrown at 50 feet per second. While some believe that impact windows need to be replaced every year, the truth is that as long as the glass is intact and undamaged, they can be used storm season after storm season to protect your home.


The Advantages of High-Impact Hurricane-Proof Windows

What are the benefits of hurricane windows? One of the biggest advantages is the way they keep the most important things in your life safe. Our high-strength windows act as a solid barrier against harsh climate conditions. Here are five key areas where investing in the best impact windows can maximize your defenses:

Protection from water damage and mold

One of the biggest dangers to your home or business from a hurricane is the intense rainfall that accompanies it. Impact windows are designed to keep rain, water and moisture outside your home by staying strong in the harshest weather. This can keep your walls, flooring, furniture and electronics safe from water damage. It can even help prevent mold formation. Our expert team takes the time to install high-performance weather stripping around the edges of windows for increased moisture resistance.

Protection against shattering

When faced with flying objects and high winds, normal windows can shatter under pressure. This is extremely dangerous because all these tiny glass shards are very sharp. Having high-impact windows installed prevents this from happening. The same special layers that give impact windows their increased strength also keep the damaged glass in one piece. If a rock breaks your window, the glass can crack, but it doesn’t shatter or send out flying shards.

Protection from air pressure changes

It may surprise you to know that the biggest damage from hurricanes often happens due to extreme air pressure. The sudden changes in pressure that come with a hurricane can destroy walls or tear roofs off. Fortunately, impact-proof windows are equipped to handle intense winds and prevent these catastrophic pressure issues.

Protection for the people you love

Above all, impact windows keep your loved ones safe. They can keep your home secure, making sure everyone inside is protected. Shatter-resistant windows are essential for avoiding injuries in the event of a storm. As an added benefit, our state-of-the-art windows also provide protection from UV rays, boost energy efficiency, and block outside noise.

Protection against theft

While it’s a good idea to invest in dedicated home security, hurricane windows can be an excellent first line of defense against theft. With this strong glass shielding your home, it’s much harder for someone to break in. Also, windows don’t shatter, so they slow down criminals and give you time to call the police.

In addition to these important advantages, you may also be able to save money on your homeowner’s insurance by installing hurricane-proof windows. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much you can save by taking this incredible home-protection step. The best hurricane protection may cost more than traditional glass, but it’s a smart investment with huge benefits, especially in Florida.

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Hurricane And Storm Door Specialists In Southwest Florida

Considered the ‘premiere’ hurricane protection product, impact-resistant windows and doors are the most convenient and aesthetically-pleasing product for your home. Installing Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors in your home will give you ‘always ready’ hurricane protection, superior intruder prevention, and maximum energy-efficiency. By simply closing and locking your windows & doors, you have secured your home, your family members, and your possessions against the perils of hurricane-force winds.

The exterior aesthetics of your home are not affected by upgrading your home to such a level of protection and using optional energy-saving window applications will serve to reduce your electrical bill and outside noise all year long!

  • Available in multiple colors to match your home’s aesthetic
  •  Available in both aluminum and vinyl
  • Energy Star rating on a vinyl product
  • Made in the USA
  • Local customer service

We carry and install:



Impact Proof & Hurricane Windows

Why Choose Alufab

At Alufab USA, we care about giving our customers the best hurricane protection possible. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your goals, home layout and budget. Our experts can answer all of your questions and make helpful recommendations. The first step is helping you choose between the ideal layer thicknesses and frame types to balance glass strength, window aesthetics, home maintenance, and cost.

It’s no surprise that we enjoy excellent ratings and customer reviews from sites such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. We’re proud of our reputation, and we keep working hard to provide the best hurricane protection possible. To learn more about our impact proof windows and installation services, contact us right away or call to schedule an appointment (239) 226-4872.


Best Clear Storm Panels in Southwest Florida

Protective Storm Panel Experts In Fort Myers

Florida is hurricane territory, there’s no getting around it. Each summer our region braces for what could be a deadly mess of downed power lines and debris. The homes and commercial structures that remain intact during particularly tumultuous storms do so because they are well-protected. There are many different ways you can protect your home, and one of the best products you can buy are protective storm panels from Alufab USA. We’ve been crafting top quality products for all of our residential and commercial customers in Florida for years and we are experts in ensuring that our panels withstand even the toughest wind gusts and lashing rains.

Hurricane Storm Panels You Can Depend On

If you want to keep your property secured the right way, partner with an expert team who has the experience, tools, and technical know-how to get the job done right. Our panels are strong, reliable, and come in a variety of materials to better serve you. We take immense pride in helping not only our residential customers but also our commercial customers in Southwest Florida get the protective storm panels they need to ride out the next storm. Don’t be caught unprepared – contact Alufab USA today for more information on our hurricane panels for your home. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you in providing details about how our panels are designed and manufactured in addition to our installation process, prices, and much more.

The Alufab Difference

Our panels are easy to install, whether choosing from our direct mount or the track mounting systems. Each storm panel stacks easily on top of each other or neatly against the wall, requiring minimal storage space. Our storm panels have been tested and have State of Florida approvals. Alufab USA’s storm panels offer the most affordable hurricane protection for our customers’ homes and businesses.

Different Materials For Different Jobs

We offer: 24 gauge galvanized steel storm panels, .050 Aluminum storm panels & Clear Lexan storm panels. Contact us for more information on which material is best for your property.

Lexan hurricane panels

Aluminum storm panels

Quality You Can Trust

We know that hurricane preparations can be stressful and a hassle. At Alufab USA, we aim to streamline the process so that you get the service and products you need at an affordable rate without much strain. We stand by our products and look forward to helping you keep your property safe. We take great pride in helping our customers keep their biggest investment protected when Mother Nature decides to unleash a big storm. Stay prepared and don’t get caught without the proper paneling. Contact Alufab USA today!

For quality protective storm panels from trusted professionals in Southwest Florida contact Alufab USA today by calling (239) 226-4872.


Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial Shutters are similar to decorative colonials, but are made of durable metal and are code-approved to secure your home from hurricane-force winds. Installed to the exterior edges of your windows, they enhance the aesthetics of your home in a traditional sense, while offering the convenience and reliability of protecting your home at a moment’s notice.

Hurricane shutters are a must on buildings located in areas susceptible to strong storms—not just hurricanes, but also tornados and other severe weather. These shutters shield windows and doors from high-force winds and debris that could cause damage and even enter your property.

The good news is that Alufab USA’s Colonial hurricane shutters are easy to deploy, are attractive, and could save you money. In addition, they are Florida building code approved and is an all-aluminum powder coated product which makes it very durable and long-lasting.

Your Home’s Best Storm Protection

Hurricane shutters’ main job is to disrupt air pressure. When winds become intense, they can do major damage to a residence or business by breaking window panes, knocking down doors, and allowing water and objects to enter the building. The wind itself could blow the roof off if the building is compromised. It’s a scary thought to consider how one strong storm could destroy your home. That’s why having protection is so important.

Our Colonial hurricane shutters have been tested in real-life against the hurricane-force winds, and they are approved by the Florida Building Code. We professionally install them for you to ensure they are properly mounted. Removing the shutters and replacing them when needed is easy for anyone to do, so you won’t need to arrange for assistance before the next big storm approaches.

We strongly recommend not relying on some of the do-it-yourself protection solutions that are commonly used. Plywood may seem like a good, less expensive option, but it breaks easily and is difficult to install correctly. Tarps can come unattached easily and taping the windows can do more harm than good. If the glass does break, the shards will be larger than they would have been had the window not been taped.

Another myth about protecting buildings from the wind is that you should crack the windows open so that the air pressure will decrease. However, this will only serve to invite strong winds into your home.

Your best bet to protect your home and your family is hurricane shutters that have been housing code-approved, tested, and installed professionally.

More Good Reasons

You may have more questions about the benefits of hurricane shutters, such as Alufab USA’s Colonial line.

Save Money

Many insurance companies will discount the rates of homeowners who have hurricane shutters. Plus, they can further insulate your home, trapping heat in the winter and blocking out the sun in the summer.

Decorative Hurricane Shutters

Unlike unsightly bars on your windows, hurricane shutters are a more attractive alternative that can thwart thieves who may be looking for an easy way into your home.

Best Severe Weather Shutters

You also don’t have to worry that the shutters will not be cohesive with your home’s architecture. Colonial shutters are like decorative colonials, but they are made of durable, powder-coated aluminum. Installed to the exterior edges of your windows, they enhance the aesthetics of your home in a traditional sense, while offering the convenience and reliability of protecting your home at a moment’s notice.

For more information, give us a call at (239) 226-4872.

“We just want to say thank you again to the people who installed the colonials. They did a really great job, worked quickly and very effective. We are absolutely satisfied and the house became much more beautiful. If somebody is interested in hurricane shutters we will highly recommend your company!!!”
-Susanne and Peter

Roll Down Shutters in Southwest Florida

Eliminate Hurricane Damage with Roll Down Shutters

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces on the planet due, in part, to their intense winds. Even a Category 1 hurricane can bring wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour. These brutal gusts can damage well-constructed homes and uproot small trees. As velocity increases, the potential for devastating damage increases, as debris both small and large smash against buildings, homes, and roads.

When it comes to homes, the most significant potential for devastating loss comes via this flying debris. Unprotected windows can shatter, potentially by the wind’s strength, allowing the elements to breach your home. Your windows can be somewhat protected by plywood. Though, that requires waiting in long lines at the local hardware then manually installing the protection yourself as the weather begins to present itself.

There is, though, another option that’s economical, energy-efficient, and requires little-to-no manual effort to use: roll down shutters. These shutters can be rolled down during dangerous storms, protecting your windows and home from strong winds and flying objects. When not in use, roll the shutters back up, giving you access to your window’s view again.


Alufab USA Knows Hurricane Protection

If there’s a company you can trust when it comes to hurricane protection, it’s Alufab USA. Our years of experience have allowed us to design the best roll down hurricane shutters for Southwest Floridians. We’ve protected thousands of homes by offering superior products, competitive pricing, and a customer-first approach for sales.

We know firsthand the devastation that can be brought by a hurricane, as it has the potential every year in Southwest Florida. With our state-of-the-art and modern roll down hurricane shutters, you can rest a little easier, knowing that the ultimate hurricane barrier protects you.


How Rolling Hurricane Shutters Can Protect Your Family and Home

Whenever you’re dealing with a threatening storm, your roll down shutters can jump into action. Installed on the home’s exterior, roll down the shutters. That’s all you have to do to create a layer of protection and security over your windows. Now your home has better cover from debris, hail, and intense winds. Your windows, too, are protected, as the shutters are designed to keep some separation between them and the glass. This means your window won’t be bearing the full impact of any collision.

Because using the shutters is so simple, you won’t find yourself running around town to find plywood or other barriers for your windows. When facing any unexpected threat to your home, the shutters can be deployed. When not in use roll the shutters back up. You will be able to enjoy your usual unobstructed view without the labor.


Operating Roll Down Shutters

Hurricane shutters can be operated in one of two ways: manually or with a motor. With manual roll down hurricane shutters, you’ll find a simple crank that allows you to deploy the shutters as needed. Due to the gears being spring-loaded, you’ll marvel at how easily you can operate the heavy-duty, protective shutters. You’ll also be able to adjust the shutters as needed, allowing you to keep some ventilation going through your house while maintaining some level of protection.

Even if you choose to use the electric operation for your shutters, you’ll still be able to use the hand crank in case of a power failure. However, you’ll also be able to control the shutters through remote controls, wall switches, or through smart home integration. With smart home integration, you’ll be able to take on advanced shutter tasks such as timers, group or individual control, or connecting them to wind and rain sensors.


Alufab USA Services

When it comes to hurricane protection, Alufab USA is ready to help. Our selection of top of the line products is unmatched, and our history of protecting homes in Southwest Florida is second to none. Our products are tested in real hurricane conditions, and they continue to prove themselves hurricane season after hurricane season. We focus on our customers, and we take the responsibility of helping protect them seriously.

Beyond our lineup of top-notch products, our services are where we shine. We take a customer-first approach to focus on the best ways we can help protect your family and your home. Whether you’re unsure of which protection to use or require hurricane shutter repair, our team can help you feel protected because it will be protected with our products.

As storms can appear when you least expect them, our team also works to complete our job quickly, efficiently, and professionally. We train all of our employees to display their knowledge, experience, and hard work by making sure we meet and exceed your expectations.


Contact Us Today

If you’d like a free home evaluation from our team, call us today at 239-226-4872 or fill out our online form. We’re ready to work with you to keep your home, and your family protected from potentially devastating storms.


Bahama Storm Shutters

No matter the time of year, in Florida, we’re either amid hurricane season or preparing for the next one. A key element to storm protection is hurricane shutters. They are window and door coverings that can sustain strong storms and prevent the building from being compromised. While many homeowners choose to use plywood instead of professionally installed hurricane shutters, plywood can do more harm than good.

Important Storm Protection Factors

Selecting the best hurricane shutters depends on several factors.

If your home is in the Southwest Florida area or anywhere in the state, you’ll want to look for shutters that are Florida Building Code-approved. You can search for approved products in the State of Florida’s online database. Our Bahama Shutters are among the products that adhere to the stringent wind-load guidelines.

Your shutters should also be professionally installed to ensure they will protect your home properly if, and when, a storm hits. While a professional is needed to install them initially, they should be easily removable and replaceable by the homeowner, so last-minute hurricane preparations don’t require an appointment and an extra cost for re-installation.

Alufab USA’s Bahama Shutters are made of powder-coated aluminum, and they have been tested in real-life situations here in Florida. You can rest assured your home will withstand high winds, air pressure, and flying debris that could break windows, cause flooding and water damage, and even blow the roof off your home. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Permanently attached and easily deployed
  • Consistent protection from direct sunlight
  • Multiple color options to match homes aesthetics
  • All aluminum powder coated product
  • Florida Building Code approved

Additional Benefits

Besides doing their main job of safeguarding your home during a hurricane, our Bahama Shutters offer additional, sometimes unexpected, advantages. These range from financial to aesthetic benefits.

Of course, powerful storms don’t always adhere to the hurricane season dates or even qualify as hurricanes, but they can still cause severe damage. Our shutters can be used to protect against any storm that involves strong winds or could create projectiles, such as fallen limbs or blown lawn furniture, that have the potential to break the glass and, therefore, harm the interior of your house.

By covering your windows, you can add a layer of insulation to your home in the winter and block our Florida sun in the summer. This means your home can be more energy-efficient and more cost-efficient. You could also save money if your insurance company grants you a lower rate for installing hurricane shutters. Shutters can be a deterrent to thieves, as well as defend your windows from potential breakage due to debris that is not storm-related.

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your home with the addition of hurricane shutters, note that the Bahamas Shutters come in a variety of colors that will complement your paint scheme. They also give the look of a tropical home in the Caribbean or, depending on the color, a more industrial feel on a commercial building or a more modern house.

For more information, give us a call at (239)226-4872.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Southwest Florida

Tropical storms and hurricanes are a fact of life when you live on the coast. The wind and water can do tremendous damage to unprotected property. When a storm is headed your way, you don’t need to spend a lot of time outside trying to figure out how to safeguard windows and doors.

That’s why accordion hurricane shutters are the smart choice for protecting your home and family. When you need protection you can count on, Alufab USA is the best resource for accordion shutters in Southwest Florida.

It can take as little as 10 minutes to secure your entire home with aluminum hurricane shutters. As all coastal people know, storms increase in velocity once they hit the warm water, so you may not have the luxury of hours to protect your property.

Covering large expanses of glass is critical, but it can also be time-consuming. Fortunately, Alufab USA has many types of shutters that can cover large areas, like hurricane shutters for sliding glass doors.


Accordion Shutters Prevent Damage

Storm damage is costly. Between 1980 and 2017, it’s estimated that hurricanes have caused $862 billion in damage in the US. The majority of damage comes from:
• High Winds
• Falling Debris
• Water Damage

High winds can blow debris into the interior of the house. Fallen limbs, patio furniture, and even trampolines can be blown through unprotected entrances, damaging the glass and doors and letting in rain and floodwater.


Aluminum Hurricane Shutters Reduce Insurance Premiums

There is an additional benefit to Floridians from installing hurricane accordion shutters. Homeowners can get a discount on their homeowner’s premiums after installing hurricane shutters.

Have an inspection once installed to start saving on your premiums while enjoying the peace of mind that your home has efficient, durable protection from the elements during storms.


Accordion Storm Shutters Add Stylish Protection

Alufab USA can personalize your aluminum hurricane shutters with choices for colors, locks and more. Whether you are in a high-rise or a single-story home, the award-winning team at Alufab USA can tailor their products to your needs.

Highly rated by Angie’s List, Home Advisor, BBB, and Google, you can be confident that the experienced team at Alufab USA will provide fast, efficient, and professional service. They will be there for you during hurricane emergencies.

When you are ready to safeguard your largest investment, contact Alufab USA. They can answer all your questions and give you more information on their products and services. Let them provide suggestions about how to protect your home from hurricanes today. Call 239-226-4872 Now!


For accordion shutters in Fort Myers, contact Alufab USA today by calling 239-226-4872.

“Well, it took me a whole 10 minutes to close up my 3,000 sq ft house. The high-velocity accordion shutters are on the best investments I have made just can’t beat the ease and peace of mind they bring when a storm is coming, the threat was gone another 10 minutes to open the shutters and life was back to normal.”
-James Taylor