Retractable Bug Screen

Motorized Retractable Sun Screens in Southwest Florida

With beautiful weather all year long, we Floridians love to be outdoors as much as possible. But the sun’s harmful rays and annoying and dangerous insects can prevent us from enjoying our climate. Alufab USA’s proprietary motorized retractable screens make living outside more comfortable.

Expanded Living Space

Many Florida homes boast large patios, balconies, and windows to take advantage of breathtaking waterfront views or just to offer homeowners a chance to breathe in fresh air. But pests, heat, and UV rays often discourage the full use of these architectural features.

Alufab USA’s Bug Screen is the perfect solution to these problems. Our retractable screens keep mosquitos, bees, and wasps, as well as pesky flies and other insects, away from your family, your guests, and your food while still allowing breezes and light to pass through.

In addition to stopping bugs from entering your living space, our screens also block UV rays, which can lead to sunburns, premature aging of the skin, and skin cancer. The percentage of blockage varies depending on the style of the screen you choose, but our screens block between 40% and 90% of UV rays.

You can also save money on your electric bill with our bug screens. Approximately 50% of solar heat comes into a home through window glass. If your windows aren’t properly insulated or covered, you could be paying way too much to keep your home cool. Bug screens help prevent that heat from entering your home, which means your air-conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Don’t worry about blocking your view or making your home too dark. Our screens still enable you to see out and light to shine in.

Quality Construction

All our bug screens are motorized and can be controlled with a wall switch or a remote, so anyone in your family can easily adjust the screens.

The housing and track are 100% extruded aluminum and are available in ivory, beige, white, and bronze. Our two-piece side track enables you to hide the mounting screws for a cleaner, more attractive appearance. Plastic entry guides provide for clean entry of the zipper into the side rails, assuring smooth operation for the lifetime of the assembly. The guides allow for the bottom bar to retract almost entirely into the hood, so the screen will hardly be visible when it is not in use.

Choose from three different screens in multiple colors for the best fit for your home’s design. We offer the TuffScreen in white or black. This screen also blocks up to 40% of UV rays. The SunTex 80 and SunTex 90 both come in six colors: black, brown, beige, stucco, grey, and dark bronze. The SunTex 80 blocks up to 70% of UV rays, and the SunTex 90 delivers up to 90% blockage.

We stand behind our screens’ durability and quality construction. That’s why we offer a five-year warranty on all aluminum, motors, and labor costs.

Learn more about our motorized retractable screens by calling (239) 226-4872.