Bahama Storm Shutters

No matter the time of year, in Florida, we’re either amid hurricane season or preparing for the next one. A key element to storm protection is hurricane shutters. They are window and door coverings that can sustain strong storms and prevent the building from being compromised. While many homeowners choose to use plywood instead of professionally installed hurricane shutters, plywood can do more harm than good.

Important Storm Protection Factors

Selecting the best hurricane shutters depends on several factors.

If your home is in the Southwest Florida area or anywhere in the state, you’ll want to look for shutters that are Florida Building Code-approved. You can search for approved products in the State of Florida’s online database. Our Bahama Shutters are among the products that adhere to the stringent wind-load guidelines.

Your shutters should also be professionally installed to ensure they will protect your home properly if, and when, a storm hits. While a professional is needed to install them initially, they should be easily removable and replaceable by the homeowner, so last-minute hurricane preparations don’t require an appointment and an extra cost for re-installation.

Alufab USA’s Bahama Shutters are made of powder-coated aluminum, and they have been tested in real-life situations here in Florida. You can rest assured your home will withstand high winds, air pressure, and flying debris that could break windows, cause flooding and water damage, and even blow the roof off your home. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Permanently attached and easily deployed
  • Consistent protection from direct sunlight
  • Multiple color options to match homes aesthetics
  • All aluminum powder coated product
  • Florida Building Code approved

Additional Benefits

Besides doing their main job of safeguarding your home during a hurricane, our Bahama Shutters offer additional, sometimes unexpected, advantages. These range from financial to aesthetic benefits.

Of course, powerful storms don’t always adhere to the hurricane season dates or even qualify as hurricanes, but they can still cause severe damage. Our shutters can be used to protect against any storm that involves strong winds or could create projectiles, such as fallen limbs or blown lawn furniture, that have the potential to break the glass and, therefore, harm the interior of your house.

By covering your windows, you can add a layer of insulation to your home in the winter and block our Florida sun in the summer. This means your home can be more energy-efficient and more cost-efficient. You could also save money if your insurance company grants you a lower rate for installing hurricane shutters. Shutters can be a deterrent to thieves, as well as defend your windows from potential breakage due to debris that is not storm-related.

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your home with the addition of hurricane shutters, note that the Bahamas Shutters come in a variety of colors that will complement your paint scheme. They also give the look of a tropical home in the Caribbean or, depending on the color, a more industrial feel on a commercial building or a more modern house.

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