Roll Down Shutters in Southwest Florida

Eliminate Hurricane Damage with Roll Down Shutters

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces on the planet due, in part, to their intense winds. Even a Category 1 hurricane can bring wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour. These brutal gusts can damage well-constructed homes and uproot small trees. As velocity increases, the potential for devastating damage increases, as debris both small and large smash against buildings, homes, and roads.

When it comes to homes, the most significant potential for devastating loss comes via this flying debris. Unprotected windows can shatter, potentially by the wind's strength, allowing the elements to breach your home. Your windows can be somewhat protected by plywood. Though, that requires waiting in long lines at the local hardware then manually installing the protection yourself as the weather begins to present itself.

There is, though, another option that's economical, energy-efficient, and requires little-to-no manual effort to use: roll down shutters. These shutters can be rolled down during dangerous storms, protecting your windows and home from strong winds and flying objects. When not in use, roll the shutters back up, giving you access to your window's view again.


Alufab USA Knows Hurricane Protection

If there's a company you can trust when it comes to hurricane protection, it's Alufab USA. Our years of experience have allowed us to design the best roll down hurricane shutters for Southwest Floridians. We've protected thousands of homes by offering superior products, competitive pricing, and a customer-first approach for sales.

We know firsthand the devastation that can be brought by a hurricane, as it has the potential every year in Southwest Florida. With our state-of-the-art and modern roll down hurricane shutters, you can rest a little easier, knowing that the ultimate hurricane barrier protects you.


How Rolling Hurricane Shutters Can Protect Your Family and Home

Whenever you're dealing with a threatening storm, your roll down shutters can jump into action. Installed on the home's exterior, roll down the shutters. That's all you have to do to create a layer of protection and security over your windows. Now your home has better cover from debris, hail, and intense winds. Your windows, too, are protected, as the shutters are designed to keep some separation between them and the glass. This means your window won't be bearing the full impact of any collision.

Because using the shutters is so simple, you won't find yourself running around town to find plywood or other barriers for your windows. When facing any unexpected threat to your home, the shutters can be deployed. When not in use roll the shutters back up. You will be able to enjoy your usual unobstructed view without the labor.


Operating Roll Down Shutters

Hurricane shutters can be operated in one of two ways: manually or with a motor. With manual roll down hurricane shutters, you'll find a simple crank that allows you to deploy the shutters as needed. Due to the gears being spring-loaded, you'll marvel at how easily you can operate the heavy-duty, protective shutters. You'll also be able to adjust the shutters as needed, allowing you to keep some ventilation going through your house while maintaining some level of protection.

Even if you choose to use the electric operation for your shutters, you'll still be able to use the hand crank in case of a power failure. However, you'll also be able to control the shutters through remote controls, wall switches, or through smart home integration. With smart home integration, you'll be able to take on advanced shutter tasks such as timers, group or individual control, or connecting them to wind and rain sensors.


Alufab USA Services

When it comes to hurricane protection, Alufab USA is ready to help. Our selection of top of the line products is unmatched, and our history of protecting homes in Southwest Florida is second to none. Our products are tested in real hurricane conditions, and they continue to prove themselves hurricane season after hurricane season. We focus on our customers, and we take the responsibility of helping protect them seriously.

Beyond our lineup of top-notch products, our services are where we shine. We take a customer-first approach to focus on the best ways we can help protect your family and your home. Whether you're unsure of which protection to use or require hurricane shutter repair, our team can help you feel protected because it will be protected with our products.

As storms can appear when you least expect them, our team also works to complete our job quickly, efficiently, and professionally. We train all of our employees to display their knowledge, experience, and hard work by making sure we meet and exceed your expectations.


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