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Hurricane Storm Protection in Southwest Florida

How to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Each year many Florida residents deal with flooding in their homes from hurricanes or other tropical storms. Even though storms are usually unpredictable and you can’t know for sure if your home will flood, one thing you can do is to be prepared. Alufab USA shares the best ways to prepare for potential flooding in your home.

How to prepare your home for a potential flood after a hurricane

Flood Preparation

The first thing to do is to understand the flood risk in your area. If you live in Southwest Florida, you have a high chance of encountering a hurricane which can cause flooding. Although flooding can happen any time of year, it’s much more likely during hurricane season which typically lasts from June through November.

The next step is to prepare your home and property for possible flooding. You may want to consider a flooring option other than carpet if you live in an area prone to flooding. Prepare an emergency kit if you need to evacuate, and don’t forget an emergency kit for your pets as well. Plan your evacuation routes and make sure you are covered by your insurance for flood damage.

Be aware of what’s happening in your area by watching the local news, listening to the radio, or checking the local news and weather online. This way you won’t be caught off guard and will hopefully have ample time to prepare if a hurricane may be headed your way.

Making sure your home is protected against storms is important. There are a variety of hurricane protection products for your home’s windows and doors that can help keep your windows intact so no water can enter through them and flood your home. Making sure your roof is secure is also important.

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