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Hurricane Storm Protection, Fort Myers, FL

Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters

Quality Storm Protection Shutters

At Alufab USA in Southwest Florida, we’re passionate about keeping our clients’ homes safe. During hurricane season, thousands of Floridian homes are damaged by storms, and we do everything we can to prevent that from happening to our clients. From storm protection shutters to impact-resistant windows and doors, we’ll outfit your home with the best products that technology can offer, at prices you’ll love. Since 2009, we’ve been devoted to supplying different types of shutters and storm protection products that you can trust. 

Colonial Shutters 

Attached to your wall, colonial storm protection shutters are classic home safeguards. We offer them in a range of colors, and their durable metal can handle precipitation and impacts. Other benefits include: 

  • You don’t have to worry about storing them or a bulky appearance. 
  • They’re easy for you to deploy alone. 
  • Colonial shutters are beautiful options that enhance the curb appeal of your home. 

Some of the drawbacks of colonial-style shutters include: 

  • Some models require storm bars to lock them in place, which can lead to a longer installation time and higher costs for initial setup. 
  • These shutters are designed for windows, and they’re best used in conjunction with other protection options. 
  • It takes up to a full hour to fully deploy shutters on the average house. 

Rolling Shutters 

Rolling storm protection shutters affix above windows or doors and can be deployed by hand-crank or a button. Benefits include: 

  • Fast deployment with little effort, for protection in minutes 
  • Most comprehensive, dependable protection 
  • Can be stored in a box above windows when not in use, so they aren’t an eyesore 

However, they are the most expensive of our different types of shutters, and if you choose an electric model, you’ll need a battery back-up so they can be operated when the power is out. 

Bahama Shutters 

Bahama shutters use one piece of metal to shade or cover your windows, offering protection from storms. Their benefits include: 

  • Consistent shade and privacy, even when they aren’t fully deployed 
  • Easy for one person to use, taking half the time as colonial shutters to deploy 

They can only be used for windows, so if you want your protection to extend to your doors, you should check out different types of shutters. 

Accordion Shutters 

Our accordion storm protection shutters offer convenience and fast deployment, and they’re available in a variety of styles and colors. Some of their benefits include: 

  • Saving space by being permanently attached to your house beside windows and doors 
  • Easy use for one person 
  • Locking models available, which may discourage criminals from breaking in 
  • Quick deployment, so your home can be fully protected in roughly 30 minutes 

While they’re space- and time-efficient, accordion shutters do have their downfalls, including a bulky appearance and the use of wheels, which can easily break or malfunction. 

Quality Products, Fair Prices 

At Alufab USA, we do our best to meet every client’s unique needs. Our technicians are skilled and attentive, and our sales representatives can assist you in finding the ideal option for your home. For fair prices, reliable installation, and hardy products visit us today. 

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