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How to Update Your Home’s Security on a Budget

You want your home to be safe and protected, but many security systems are quite expensive. Luckily there are some low-cost ways to improve your home’s security to keep your family safe without having to break the bank. Check out these ideas to update your home security on a budget.

Improve your home security on a budget

  • Window Shades – Not only can you increase your privacy and keep the hot sun out of your home, but window shades can also make it difficult to see if anyone is home. Burglars often only target homes when they know that nobody is there.
  • Locks – Upgrading your locks is a pretty cheap and easy solution to make your home more secure. Use a Grade 1 deadbolt for the most protection and install locks on all doors and windows.
  • Lights – Another way to make it look like someone is always home is to use lights and other devices like TVs or a radio on a timer, so they are on at night even if you are away.
  • Motion Sensors – Leaving your porch light on 24/7 might not fool the bad guys, but a motion sensor can make it look like you just turned the lights on when you saw or heard someone outside.
  • Vehicle Safety – Never leave your car doors unlocked or your windows down. Avoid keeping anything valuable in your vehicle. The best thing to do is to keep your car inside a locked garage, but even then, you should still take these precautions.
  • Affordable Security Systems – Instead of having to purchase a top of the line security system and having to pay for monitoring every month, there are some more affordable options. Posting a yard sign that says your home has a security system is a good deterrent, even if it’s not true. New video doorbells can see who is at your door and that footage may be turned over to the authorities if anyone breaks in.

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