Bahama Hurricane Shutters
in Southwest FL

Alufab USA's Bahama shutters match the aesthetics and architecture of homes and businesses while providing maximum shade and conserving energy costs
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Bahama Shutters - Stylish and Durable Shutters

Bahama shutters are window shutters that open vertically at a 45-degree angle. They have rows of diagonal slats stacked above one another, which keeps rain from getting inside the home and lets fresh air inside. At Alufab USA, our Bahamas are more than decorative accents for the home: They’re strong enough to stand up to the heavy rain, hail, and other debris that accompany the worst weather. If you’re looking for long-lasting hurricane protection with a pop of bold color that maintain the aesthetic of your home, Bahama shutters are an ideal choice for your family.

What Are Bahama Shutters?

Bahama Shutters are generally used to match the architecture aesthetics of home and businesses while providing maximum shade and conserving energy costs. They are permanently attached and easily deployed and offer consistent protection from direct sunlight. There are multiple color options to enhance the appearance of your home. They are an aluminum powder-coated product and approved by the Florida Building Code. They are also available as decorative non-impact shutters.

Decorative Hurricane Shutters

Bahama shutters add a major tropical flair to any home or business, which is one reason they’re so popular in Southwest Florida. Keep your property safe and stay true to your property’s exterior design. There are countless different colors available, including white, aqua, lime green, and red. Bright, relaxing, exciting, or artistic — it’s all up to you. This type of accent gives homes excellent curb appeal.

The Benefits of Impact-Resistant Bahama Shutters

On the outside, impact-resistant Bahama shutters look identical to other styles. Underneath the surface, however, there’s a huge difference. To protect your home or business against hurricanes, these window coverings are made of durable materials. Why choose our hurricane shutters?

Choose Bahama Shutters from Alufab USA

Perfect Shade and Amazing Breezes

One of the biggest reasons homeowners and business owners choose Bahama shutters in Southern Florida is because it provides amazing comfort and fresh air for interiors. The sun can get pretty hot during the day on different sides of the home, but your Bahama shutters have you covered. You can prop them open at the angle you prefer, blocking out the sun and letting plenty of air inside the home.

Even if you have to close the shutters to keep afternoon showers out, there’s still a refreshing breeze that makes its way inside. Trust us; if you have a covered patio, pergola, or another area without air conditioning, you won’t believe the difference Bahama shutters make for keeping everybody cool. You can enjoy making lunch in your kitchen, looking at your garden, and feeling the cool breeze on your face.

The Best Bahama Shutters in Southwest Florida

At Alufab USA, we have an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. Our Bahama shutters give you decades of incredible performance and beauty, providing a perfect fit for every window. Our expert team takes care of delivery and installation completely. Contact us right away to order custom Bahama shutters for your home or business.

Bahama Shutter Maintenance

It is important you open and close your Bahama blades at least once a month. This will assist in keeping the blades moving smoothly.

Up Keep
Twice a year remove the screws from the arm and arm collar, and apply graphite or dry silicone spray, and or wax spray.

We recommend the shutters are washed with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth or fine-haired brush every three months to remove any dirt, salt, or sand. Use a low pH level soap in combination with wax. Power washing your shutter improperly can damage them and void the warranty.

Do Not Use

  • Abrasive Cleaners
  • Sharp Bladed such as razors or paint scrapers
  • Mineral spirits or solvents of any kind
  • WD-40
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