Clear Lexan Storm Panels in Southwest, FL

Hurricane panels by Alufab USA offer the same strength and protection as metal panels, but they are lighter to handle and allow in natural light.
Clear Storm Panels

Protection Without Compromising Views

What are Lexan Hurricane Panels?

Clear Lexan Storm Panels offer the same strength and protection as metal panels, but they are lighter to handle and allow in natural light, so you can avoid that “cave feeling” during the time you’ve installed them to protect your home and family.

Easy Installation & Affordable 

Our panels are easy to install, whether choosing from our direct mount or the track mounting systems. Each storm panel stacks easily on top of each other or neatly against the wall, requiring minimal storage space. Our clear Lexan storm panels have been tested and have State of Florida approvals. Alufab USA’s storm panels offer the most affordable hurricane protection for our customers’ homes and businesses.

Contact us at (239) 842-7904 for more information on which material is best for your property.

Dependable Storm Panel & Shutter Installation

There are many different forms of protection you can get for your home to help stave off the worst effects of a hurricane. It is imperative that you work with seasoned professionals who have years of experience designing, installing, and implementing specific products designed to help protect your home and property. For years, Alufab USA has been a leader in all things hurricane preparation, and our expert team is proud to also offer Clear Lexan Storm Panels for your home.

 These see-through hurricane panels work similarly to our other protective hurricane panels, only the material is different and they are see-through. This has an aesthetic purpose and in addition to giving natural light to your space while also providing it protection. 

For more information on Alufab USA’s premier Clear Lexan Storm Panels, contact us today and a member of our Fort Myers team will be happy to provide you with more details on our process, pricing, and much more. We look forward to helping keep your home safe during a hurricane and tropical storm.

Choose Alufab USA for Florida Hurricane Protection

Our entire staff at Alufab USA is dedicated to getting your space protected and fortified with our see through hurricane panels. When you work with Alufab, a member of our team comes out to your property to do a thorough assessment to see what size and type of paneling you need. All of our panels are made with top-quality materials because we know that a great product starts with quality raw materials. Our see-through hurricane storm panels offer all of the same attributes as traditional metal protective storm panels, only they are completely clear and light weight.

Ensuring Home Safety in Southwest Florida

We know that preparing for a hurricane and ensuring your property is safe can be time consuming. We do our best at Alufab USA to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible so you can get the affordable and reliable protection you need without much worry. We’ve been a successful business for years because we’ve always put our customers first and put a premium on quality products 100% of the time.

 All of Florida faces a hurricane threat every summer. It is a reality that all Floridians need to deal with properly. In Fort Myers, there’s no better resource for top quality see through hurricane storm panels than Alufab USA. We have the experience and tools necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Hurricane hitting Florida

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