Colonial Hurricane Shutters
in Southwest FL

Colonial shutters are completely functional, strong, and beautiful and made of durable aluminum, making them code-approved.

What Are Colonial Shutters?

Colonial Shutters are made of durable aluminum and are code-approved to secure your home from hurricane-force winds. They are installed to the exterior edges of your windows and enhance the aesthetics of your home while protecting against storms. They are a popular choice of hurricane shutters because of their traditional style which doesn’t take away from a property’s exterior design.

Colonial Shutters on a South Florida home for hurricane protection

Benefits of Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are completely functional, strong, and beautiful. They offer many benefits for homeowners:

Secure Your Home with Alufab USA Shutters

At Alufab USA, we take impact-resistant Colonial shutters one step further. We offer customized styles that fit any window in your home. We can cater to a variety of windows sizes including second story windows. That’s not a problem. Our design team can create Colonial shutters of the ideal size, and our expert technicians can take care of installation smoothly.

Our team will measure your openings to insure you get the best hurricane protection within of your budget.

To get started, contact us in Southwest Florida right away!

Who Are Colonial Shutters Best For?

If you want to give your windows the best hurricane protection while still preserving the most attractive exterior décor, colonial shutters are a perfect choice. They’re a great fit for people who don’t want to break up their home’s unique, traditional style with hurricane shutters, as accordion or roll-down shutters may do. Many homeowners in Southwest Florida choose colonial shutters for these decorative reasons.

For Traditionally Styled Homes

Celebrate the rich history of your home and give it amazing protection from extreme weather at the same time. Houses in Southwest Florida are known for their personality and style. Elegant Colonial homes and contemporary beach styles are very popular. Some have warm touches of the French countryside, and others have relaxing Mediterranean vibes. Colonial shutters enhance the beauty of all of these styles, combining perfectly with stone, stucco, wood siding, and brick.

For Impact-Resistance

Impact-resistant Colonial shutters are built from heavy-duty reinforced aluminum that is capable of withstanding hurricane conditions without difficulty. All of our shutters meet Florida building code requirements for hurricanes and gale-force winds, so they can easily stand up to wind speeds in excess of 140 mph. They’re much stronger than wood Colonials but still offer the same attractive appearance as wood. In Southwest Florida, Colonial shutters add a lot to your home’s curbside appeal and resale value.

Colonial Shutter Maintenance

It is important that your Colonial Shutters are locked in place, whether in the open or closed position. This will prevent Colonials from becoming damaged.

We recommend the shutters are washed with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth or fine haired brush every three months to remove any dirt, salt, or sand. Use a low pH level soap in combination with wax. Power washing your shutter improperly can damage them and void the warranty.


Do Not Use

  • Abrasive Cleaners
  • Sharp Bladed such as razors or paint scrapers
  • Mineral spirits or solvents of any kind
  • WD-40

Protection Against Extreme Florida Weather

Many Florida homes have hurricane windows and doors. These measures are a great step in keeping moisture outside of the home and preventing a sudden rise in pressure that can destroy roofing. When you choose impact-resistant Colonial shutters, you add a second layer of protection that is immensely valuable. Shutters provide the best protection against high-speed projectiles that frequently appear with hurricanes, including rocks, hail, metal shards, and other debris.

Easy to Prepare for Storms

One of the reasons Southwest Florida residents love Colonial shutters is that they make preparing for hurricanes much easier. You don’t have to worry about installing bulky metal panels. All you need to do is gently swing both of the shutters closed and lock them with the horizontal storm bar. There are welded brackets on the hidden side of the shutters that make it easy to slide the bar in and secure it.

The entire process only takes a couple of minutes at most, and it’s a breeze. In fact, many homeowners close their Colonial shutters for other reasons, too. If direct sunlight is making things too hot inside the house, you can close the shutters to block the heat while still letting plenty of air inside.

Offer Vibrant Colors

Feel free to express your personal style with limitless Colonial shutter color options. Bright tropical colors provide vibrant accents for beach style homes. Or choose from the traditional classic white, contemporary black, and neutral shades of gray. You can customize the color scheme you want for any design theme. Whether you want your home to look traditional, modern, luxurious, or relaxing, we’ve got you covered.

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