You Need to Know About Storm Protection Shutters

Four types of hurricane shutters are popular in southwest Florida. Hurricane protection is essential in the area, and a common question is what type of storm shutters you should choose.

  • For incredible style, learn more about Bahama shutters and Colonial shutters.
  • For maximum strength and security, roll downs and accordion shutters are hard to beat.

When it comes to protecting your home against extreme weather in Fort Myers, FL, you have many options. Of course, you always want to choose the best quality possible, but beyond that, many factors let you customize your storm shutters to your home. Whether style, security, or convenience is what’s most important to you, at Alufab USA, we have many solutions. Here are the different types of hurricane shutters we offer in southwest Florida.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are strong-yet-stylish hurricane shutters that open at a 45-degree angle above windows. During normal weather, these shutters keep rain and intense sunlight out of the house, letting you enjoy wonderful shade with a clear view of your garden.

When hurricanes approach, Bahama shutters close tightly and act as a shield for windows. They can stand up to rocks, branches, and other debris.

Who would choose Bahama shutters? People who want their home exterior to have a tropical vibe. These beautiful accents enhance your home’s decor while giving it hurricane protection you can trust.

Colonial Shutters

Another option for homes with a specific design style is our fantastic Colonial storm shutters. They offer elegance and beauty. These shutters are an amazing fit whether you love classic Colonial homes, Spanish decor, or contemporary styles. You can open or close them whenever you want, both for weather protection and let a nice breeze inside the house.

Instead of wood frames that get damaged easily in a hurricane, our shutters are made of heavy-duty reinforced aluminum. So while they look gorgeous, they have considerable strength for any kind of intense weather in Fort Myers, FL.

Why choose Colonials for hurricane protection? In addition to the style factor, there’s also the fact that they’re exceptionally easy to use. Closing and securing them only takes a few minutes. Once secured with a storm bar, these shutters protect your windows from high-velocity impacts, helping keep the inside of your home high and dry.

Accordion Shutters

This type of hurricane shutter slides open and closed like an accordion, hence the name. Homeowners and business owners can close and secure each accordion shutter quickly. There are also security shutters with locking mechanisms. This means that accordions can work equally as hurricane protection and home security.

While these shutters don’t quite compare with Bahamas and Colonials in the style department, they make up customization options more than make up for it. It’s possible to secure each entry point in the home with a custom accordion shutter, including picture windows, sliding doors, French doors, garage spaces, and lanais.

Our accordion shutters are rated for HVHZ protection, which is the strongest rating possible in Florida. That way, when a hurricane comes, you feel confident that every window and door is fully protected.

Roll Down Shutters

Are you looking for hurricane shutters that are effortless to use? Then roll-down shutters may be your ideal option. These shutters can cover windows, doors, and open-air spaces, and they’re a breeze to operate. Some homeowners choose manual options, but many go with automatic systems. There’s something relaxing about being able to get your home ready for bad weather with a simple touch of a button. It’s no wonder roll downs add so much to property values in Fort Myers, FL.

As the name suggests, roll-down shutters normally stay out of view above windows or doors. When you want to prepare for intense weather, you can lower them for incredible strength. These impact-resistant shutters stand up to hurricane debris like few other options.

You can also save energy on cooling costs by closing shutters during the day. For maximum energy efficiency, choose white or light-colored roll downs. That way, the sun’s rays reflect away from windows.

Contact Alufab USA for Hurricane Shutters in Southwest Florida

The best hurricane shutters depend on your goals and your lifestyle. Some people spend all year in Florida, and they love the comfort and style of Bahama shutters and Colonials. Snowbirds who travel around the country often choose accordion shutters or roll downs, so they know their Florida home is safe and sound year-round. Whatever your needs, at Alufab USA in Fort Myers, we can help.

Our professionals can show you the possibilities for each type of hurricane shutter. We can customize shutters to every entry point in the home. We can meet your design vision. We take care of installation completely. To discover all of our storm protection solutions, contact us at (239) 842-7904 right away.

Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

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