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The Best Storm Proof Windows & Doors

Living in Florida, hurricanes are a part of our reality. Every season is different, and it is impossible to know whether catastrophic storms will hit. That is why it is responsible to always be prepared. Two areas of your home that can be particularly susceptible to the ill effects of hurricane-force winds, lashing rain, and falling debris are your windows and doors.

Many homes in Florida have large, gorgeous windows to let in tons of light and to showcase an amazing ocean view. Unfortunately, these windows are also at risk for some of the worst damage during a hurricane. All of that is solved with Alufab USA’s incredibly strong high impact hurricane and storm windows and doors.


Hurricane And Storm Door Specialists In Fort Myers

Considered the ‘premiere’ hurricane protection product, impact-resistant windows and doors are the most convenient and aesthetically-pleasing product for your home. Installing Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors in your home will give you ‘always ready’ hurricane protection, superior intruder prevention, and maximum energy-efficiency. By simply closing and locking your windows & doors, you have secured your home, your family members and your possessions against the perils of hurricane-force winds.

The exterior aesthetics of your home are not affected by upgrading your home to such a level of protection and using optional energy-saving window applications will serve to reduce your electrical bill and outside noise all year long!

  • Available in multiple colors to match your home’s aesthetic
  •  Available in both aluminum and vinyl
  • Energy Star rating on a vinyl product
  • Made in the USA
  • Local customer service

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Impact Proof & Hurricane Windows


Quality You Can See

At Alufab USA, we go to great lengths to ensure our high impact hurricane storm windows and doors are always of the highest quality. We know how important it is to get products that will do the job during the toughest moments. Our doors are battle-tested and we know that the results speak for themselves. For years we’ve helped our customers in Fort Myers, Florida retrofit their doors with our beautiful, strong, and reliable hurricane windows and doors.

Our products have stood strong during vicious storms and we look forward to partnering with you to ensure your home is safe during the next major storm. Don’t be left unprepared - contact Alufab USA today to schedule a consultation and a member of our team will come to your property to do a proper assessment. From there we can determine the style and type of windows and doors that are needed.

For high impact hurricane storm doors and windows, you can depend on, contact the experts in Fort Myers at Alufab USA by calling 239-226-4872.