Florida Hurricane Preparedness Kit Checklist

Emergency Kit Essentials: What to Pack for Safety

When packing your emergency hurricane kit, it is imperative to think about your existing surrounding environment, and what types of issues occur regularly in the area. Is it prone to flooding? Are there electrical boxes which could fall? Do you have a lot of trees in your neighborhood? Have you thought of a route based on these problems that could occur? Your emergency hurricane kit will depend on all of these elements, and no two will be the same. There are however some essential items which should get packed in all kits:


Having filtered bottled water is a great and convenient option, but they can take up space. Another viable option to help save space and protect you and your loved ones longer would be a portable filtration system. It will provide you with an unlimited supply of drinkable water. You will also want to try and find access to running water. Stagnant water can carry diseases that the filtration system won’t be able to remove. You should also have some iodine water purification tablets to help keep your water safe. They are small and do not take up much space.


The rule of thumb when packing food is to ensure that you have enough to survive for three days. You should be packing airtight nonperishable foods similar to military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) or canned options. These will stay fresh and can be cooked just by adding water. Survival food bars are also great options because of their size and the filling power of containing up to or more than 2000 calories. You should be avoiding foods that are full of sugar and salt to dodge low energy and thirst.


Making sure you have a way to see at night or in dark spaces is critical for your survival after a hurricane. Your emergency hurricane pack should have self-powered flashlights that don’t require batteries. Self-powered lights will help save some space in your pack, not much, but every inch helps! There are also solar-powered flashlights that you can purchase to charge during the day, so they are ready to go at night. Packing matches and tea candles are other small options that can help. The matches will also help with starting fires to stay warm or cook your food.


Having a radio handy will help get you and your family the news you need to know what areas to avoid when it is safe to head back towards your home, and any other relevant information about the surrounding spaces. You want to try to find one that is either solar-powered or can be used by a hand crank. These power options will lessen the needs of batteries again. Try to arm yourself with a radio in your emergency hurricane kit that has access to AM, FM, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration channels.

First-Aid Items

At Alufab USA, we recommend that your emergency hurricane kit have first aid items in it to help keep you safe should you or another family member hurt themselves. Bandages, tape, scissors, gauze, and antibiotic ointment are just a few items to help with the basic cuts, scratches, and bumps suffered. You should also bring your prescription medication you regularly need and any over the counter medicines for pain.


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