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Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida

It’s no surprise to the residents of southwest Florida that hurricane season is just a part of living in the Sunshine State. For residents, It’s helpful to know that there are ways to add extra protection to your home or business to stand up against the strength of hurricanes, leaving windows and doors intact after the storm has passed. 

Since 2009, Alufab USA has protected homes and businesses in southwest Florida with high-quality hurricane panels, shutters and impact windows and doors for over a decade. Learn how Alufab USA can give your home or business maximum protection for the next storm season.

Florida’s Peak Hurricane Season

The Florida Climate Center says you can expect hurricanes anywhere from June 1st to November 30th, with the peak season occurring between mid-August and late October. Southwest Florida is the second most hurricane-prone area in Florida. Since 1851, southwest Florida has been in the path of 49 hurricanes, 17 of them major ones, with six that were Category 4 and one that was rated Category 5. This is why it’s critical for southwest Florida residents to be prepared for hurricane season.

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season in Florida

There are many aspects of your home to consider when hurricane season is imminent and a storm is on its way. You’ll need to move all of your outdoor things like bikes, grills, lawn furniture, and building materials inside or under a shelter to prevent damage to your home and surrounding community. It’s common to lose access to your water supply, so filling clean several water containers with drinking water, and even to flush your toilets on hand is recommended. You also may need to switch off or lose your power when there’s flooding or if you must evacuate. 

But the most important thing to protect your home from the outside in is to cover your windows and doors. 

When windows and doors get damaged during a storm, heavy rains and flying debris can enter your home, causing additional damage to the walls, flooring, and furnishings. Mold then becomes a concern when hurricane rains have breached the interior of your home or business. 

This can be prevented with expert protection for your windows and glass doors. Alufab’s custom-fit products, protect your windows and doors that are lighter and easier to handle and install and take up less storage space than plywood or other temporary methods. 

Accordion Shutters

These accordions are capable of withstanding heavy hurricane winds creating a barrier of protection for your windows and home. They allow you to secure your home within minutes. They can lock from the inside with a push button lock or by a high-security lock.

Aluminum Roll-Down Shutters

Roll-down shutters can protect the inside of the structure but can also protect outdoor lawn furniture, grills, and other things you may keep on a covered deck. Each shutter can be custom-fitted to your windows, entryway doors, garage openings, french doors, covered patios, and other outdoor structures. They’re durable and convenient to slide down or roll out of sight when needed.

Impact Windows & Doors

These specially engineered windows and doors are always prepared for a hurricane. The hurricane impact glass is combined with a reinforced window or door frame that won’t bend or crack when under the stress of the storm. The glass also has a laminated layer on each side that will hold the glass together and prevent water from entering the structure in the event that it cracks. 

Get Ready For Hurricanes With Alufab USA in Fort Myers, FL

Alufab USA professionally installs a variety of custom durable hurricane protection products that give you peace of mind that the interior of your home or business faces even the strongest storm. We can install panels, shutters, or impact-resistant windows and doors to prepare for the next hurricane. 

Stop in and visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

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