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The Importance of Having Professionally Installed Hurricane Shutters

When it comes to your home’s safety and security, it’s important to rely on a professional installation from your area’s foremost impact-resistant product specialists. While hurricane shutters may seem like an easy DIY project compared to windows and doors, there’s a lot that could go wrong if not done to the highest standards.

Only a trained and experienced technician can ensure your new hurricane shutters are fully tamper-resistant and function properly under heavy use. In addition to the cutting edge in hurricane shutters, windows, and doors, Alufab USA specializes in full-service installation throughout Collier, Charlotte, and Lee Counties. At the end of the day, our interests aren’t secured until yours are.

The Importance of Professionally Installed Hurricane Shutters

In high storm areas, hurricane shutters create an essential line of defense. When combined with impact-resistant windows, you’ll secure a nearly impenetrable barrier right where you need it most. When properly installed, hurricane shutters also ensure intruders think twice.

With an enterprise-grade product, your hurricane shutters also lend a sleek, modern appearance to your home’s style. That’s why Alufab USA is continually optimizing our line of hurricane shutters with the latest innovations in impact-resistant technologies that are as attractive as they are effective.

Benefits of Hurricane Shutters

Only when professionally installed can you reap the full benefits of your new hurricane shutters. When fully functioning, hurricane shutters offer the following advantages:

  • Tremendous impact resistance from hail and flying debris
  • Greater security
  • Higher property values
  • Improved window function
  • Eligibility for better insurance rates
  • Bold, attractive property accents
  • Greater control of direct sunlight and climate controls
  • Many unique styles are available

This also ensures your hurricane shutters result from the highest manufacturing standards because they’re only as good as their build quality.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Hurricane Shutters?

When you invest in your home’s protection with hurricane shutters, their value depends on proper function. Without professional installation, you run the risk of leaving critical vulnerabilities in several places:

  1. Wherever hardware secures the shutters to the structure
  2. Latching/locking mechanism(s)
  3. Shutter tracks, which control the shutters’ opening and closing

Just as you wouldn’t risk a suboptimal front door installation, it’s essential to make the same considerations for window security. Further, improperly installed hurricane shutters also present a falling object hazard, especially when installed on upper levels. You also don’t want the risk of falling yourself by attempting to handle tools and shutters at such heights.

A professional hurricane shutter technician can also verify that the product is free of any and all defects throughout the entire process. Because Alufab USA cares about our customers’ safety, we prefer to handle any ladder work or reaching outside window openings ourselves.

That’s also why we offer:

  • Five-year unconditional warranties on our entire product line
  • Free in-home evaluations
  • Certifications verifying our products meet technical and national standards.

Further, we manufacture all products at our Fort Myers factory, ensuring full in-house control over quality from start to finish. When it comes to safety, we and our Southwest Florida communities can’t afford anything less.

Invest in Your Home’s Safety and Protection with Alufab USA

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s hurricane protection and overall security, don’t stop short after product selection. Be sure it functions exactly as intended with professional installation from Alufab USA’s trained technicians.

We also work closely with each homeowner, taking into account their property’s unique layout and any budget requirements before recommending the ideal solution. This involves comparing each hurricane shutter product to achieve the optimal balance of:

  • Shutter thickness
  • Frame type
  • Homestyle & aesthetics
  • Glass Strength
  • Future maintenance needs

Contact us with any questions, or visit our showroom to see Alufab USA’s premium line of hurricane shutters and other impact-resistant products.

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